Wind Pro® FR

Designed to stand strong against the wind.

Polartec® Wind Pro® FR was developed to strengthen our flame resistant fleece's ability to resist the effects of strong winds. By adapting our fleece structure through tighter knit constructions we created a new fabric composition that drastically reduces wind permeation. This provides the thermal insulation benefits, comfort and breathability of fleece with the added performance abilities to defy the wind and repel all forms of moisture.

  • Inherently flame resistant
  • Warmth without weight
  • Water repellent
  • Highly breathable
  • Easy care
  • Available in multiple styles and weights
Best Uses
  • Flame resistant wind and water repelling insulation
Wind Pro® FR Technology Image


Windchill is a major source of heat loss from exposed surface areas and open air channels. By engineering a highly compact knit we drastically enhanced wind resistance while retaining a soft and pliable feel throughout the fabric surface. This concentrated design allows Polartec® Wind Pro® FR to function as an insulating material with the strength to perform against all the elements. By tightening the kitting patterns of synthetic fleece yarns we developed a new method of repelling wind and water without the use of a laminated membrane. This provides 4x greater wind resistance than traditional fleece structures while still retaining 85% of breathability.


The lightweight warmth of Polartec® Wind Pro® FR allow it function as both a high performance outer layer, or a comfortable thermal piece worn under a protective shell. This allows for dependable versatility when used in calm to inclement weather conditions.

The durable nature of synthetic fleece ensures its thermal properties last the life of the fabric and don't fade after heavy use. This fabric is engineered to resist fiber pilling and fraying that often results from numerous cycles through the washing machine. Polartec® Wind Pro® FR has become regarded by many as a type of “super fleece” for its ability to limit wind permeation, repel water and resist intense sources of heat.

Polartec® FR



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