Power Grid™

We wanted less fabric to do even more.

Polartec® Power Grid™ was created to push the performance of our base fabric technologies even further. By developing a patented grid design structure we discovered a new way to reduce fabric weight while increasing warmth and compressibility in the process. This grid construction enhances both wicking efficiency and breathability by generating channels of targeted touch points that absorb and diffuse moisture vapor for faster evaporation.

  • Superior wicking action
  • Grid channels reduce weight & increase warmth
  • Fast drying
  • Highly breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy care
Best Uses
  • Enhanced lightweight moisture wicking next-to-skin base
Power Grid™ Technology Image


The ability to maximize base efficiency through enhanced performance benefits is central to the design of Polartec® Power Grid™ fabric. By constructing a symmetrical grid pattern we were able to not only increase thermal warmth and mechanical wicking capabilities, but actually reduce the overall fabric mass and weight.

The patented bi-component construction utilizes a different length of yarn on each side of the fabric to optimize wicking action and evaporation. This dual surface approach allows moisture to be continuously pulled from your skin and diffused to the outside. The exterior layer then spreads the moisture out to a wider surface area for faster evaporation.


Open air channels surrounding each individual segment of grid allow Polartec® Power Grid™ to easily release all excess body heat as it builds during activity. These breathable air channels create space for greater compression capabilities when needing to pack or store materials with limited room.

Providing maximum warmth from minimal weight reduces your body's overall exertion during movement and activity. This composite engineering approach wicks faster than traditional base fabric materials and avoids using chemical wicking agents that fade away with time.



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