Blankets and Throws

Performance Outdoor Technologies for the great indoors.

When Polartec® invented the synthetic fleece in 1981 we didn't just change the way we dress for cold weather. We created a comfortable thermal insulation material ideal for a wide variety of textile needs. Soft, warm, lightweight and incredibly durable after repeated washings make Polartec® fleece an exceptional choice for sheets, blankets and any other soft bedding materials.

  • Lightweight warmth
  • Highly breathable
  • Resists weather
  • Evenly sheared fibers prevent pilling
  • Fast drying
  • Easy care
Best Uses
  • Versatile weather resistant insulation
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"To invent a superior insulating technology we had to rethink the way outerwear fabrics were being made. Current textile processes were neglecting the overall problems faced from the elements and designing materials with limited benefits. We knew we had to create a single fabric with far greater versatility. We developed a new process for knitting polyester yarns that raises piled fibers for precise shearing into sheets of soft fabric. This now famously fuzzy surface was inherently more lightweight, breathable and faster drying than anything in use. Warmth without weight quickly became the new standard for performance fabrics."


Polartec® fleece blankets has a lofted fiber structure that creates thermal air pockets to prevent convective heat loss and regulate core warmth. This breakthrough design construction provides the highest warmth per weight ratio for insulating materials while remaining highly weather resistant, durable and soft to the touch.

A soft double-sided face gives fleece the versatility to integrate with layered systems, whether worn directly against the skin or on top of other fabrics. The hydrophobic properties further enhance the inherent ability to repel water, resist saturation and dry quickly.


Berkshire Blanket